Skincare Specialist

Carley Torres

Carley began her career in skincare at the tender age of 18.

About Carley

Carley began her career in skincare at the tender age of 18. Being a part of the spa industry at such a young age has helped her develop a true, deep rooted love for all things beauty. For the past 8 years, she has put her heart and soul into her craft, doing extensive research to be able to offer the best quality products and medical skin care treatments available on the market. Graduating at the top of her class at AW Advanced Aesthetic Institute in Deerfield Beach after obtaining her Facial license, she learned the importance of educating her patients on how to properly preserve their skin with these treatments in office and at home with a planned skin care regime.

With extensive training in HydraFacial, PRP MicroNeedling, chemical peels and Lymphatic Drainage, Carley specializes in giving results-oriented treatments, customized for each individuals needs. She believes quality skincare is essential, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, for a full scope of results and luminous skin. Throughout her career, Carley has worked in medical spas and country clubs in Palm Beach Gardens. As a native Floridian she enjoys taking advantage of the beach, always wearing a hat and sunscreen of course! Her true passion is building long lasting relationships with all of her patients.