Rejuvenate skin, minimize wrinkles, even tone, minimal downtime.

What's Included

Consultation, cleansing, PRX-T33 application, aftercare.


PRX Derm Perfexion

We at Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa are excited to introduce our signature PRX-T33 chemical collagen stimulator services, a non-invasive solution designed to refresh and revitalize your skin.

Join us at Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa, where we prioritize your well-being and aesthetic goals. Our proficient team of skincare professionals is committed to providing cutting-edge, safe, and effective treatments.

Unveiling the Science Behind PRX-T33

PRX-T33 stands as a pioneer in chemical collagen stimulator technology, celebrated for its outstanding results and minimal downtime. This medical-grade chemical peel solution combines the potency of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) with the innovation of PRX-T33, delivering a unique and transformative skincare experience. This treatment triggers the skin's natural healing processes, leading to visible enhancements in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. At Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa, our skilled and licensed skincare professionals specialize in the precise application of PRX-T33, ensuring a safe and customized treatment tailored to your unique skincare needs. Whether you're addressing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, or simply enhancing your skin's radiance, PRX Derm Perfexion offers a versatile solution for achieving your desired results.

Benefits of PRX-T33

1. Smooth and Rejuvenated Skin

PRX-T33 is renowned for its ability to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and more youthful. Experience a transformative treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing your complexion.

2. Improving Skin Texture with PRX-T33

Say goodbye to uneven skin texture, including conditions like acne scars. PRX-T33 promotes collagen production, smoothing out irregularities and giving your skin a more uniform texture.

3. Enhanced Skin Tone

Address issues of hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and uneven skin tone with PRX-T33. This treatment promotes skin cell turnover, revealing a brighter and more even complexion.

4. Minimal Downtime

Unlike more aggressive treatments, this chemical collagen stimulator offers minimal downtime, making it an ideal option for those with busy schedules.

5. No Pain or Discomfort

Enjoy a virtually painless experience with our PRX Derm Perfexion, allowing you to relax and relish the treatment without worrying about discomfort.

6. Safe and Proven

PRX-T33 is a widely trusted solution by skincare professionals globally, extensively tested for safety and efficacy.

The PRX-T33 Treatment Process

Your journey to healthier, younger-looking skin begins with a comprehensive consultation at Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa. Our expert skincare professionals will assess your skin's condition, discuss your aesthetic goals, and create a customized treatment plan.

  • Cleansing: The treatment area is thoroughly cleansed to remove impurities, ensuring a clean canvas.
  • Application: The PRX-T33 solution is gently applied, allowing it to penetrate the skin for a specific duration.
  • Neutralization: The solution is neutralized after the predetermined time to stop the peeling process.
  • Moisturization and Sunscreen: A soothing moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen are applied post-treatment.

Aftercare and Results

Expect minimal downtime with some redness and mild peeling, just like a mild sunburn after the PRX-T33 treatment process. The transformation of your skin unfolds over the coming days and weeks, with fine lines and wrinkles becoming less pronounced. For optimal results, a series of treatments, typically spaced a few weeks apart, is recommended.

Why Choose Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa for PRX-T33?

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in administering PRX-T33 treatments, ensuring the highest care and safety.
  • Customized Approach: Individualized treatment plans address your specific concerns and goals.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We are at the forefront of skincare innovation, offering the latest and most effective treatments.
  • Comfort and Safety: Your treatment experience is our top priority, focusing on your comfort and safety throughout the process.
  • Patient Education: We empower you to make informed decisions about your skincare and treatment options.

Book Your PRX-T33 Treatment Now

Elevate your skincare regimen with PRX-T33 at Miss Chiropractic Wellness & Spa. Our adept team stands ready to guide you through each step, providing answers and tailored support to realize your skincare aspirations. Reach out today to arrange your initial consultation. Take the first step towards transforming your skin's health and vitality. Your pursuit of a more vibrant, youthful glow starts with us.


  • How many PRX-T33 treatments are recommended for optimal results?
  • For optimal results, a series of treatments, typically spaced a few weeks apart, is recommended.
  • Is PRX-T33 suitable for all skin types?
  • Yes, PRX-T33 is a versatile solution suitable for various skin types and concerns.
  • What is the downtime after a PRX-T33 treatment?
  • PRX-T33 offers minimal downtime, with some redness and mild peeling, similar to a mild sunburn.
  • How long does a PRX-T33 treatment session last?
  • The duration of a PRX-T33 treatment session may vary, but the process is straightforward and efficient.
  • Are there any side effects of PRX-T33?
  • The treatment is virtually painless, and side effects are minimal, making it a safe and proven solution.

Is the Hydrafacial painful?

No, the HydraFacial is a gentle and painless treatment. Many clients find it to be relaxing and enjoyable.

How long do the results of a Hydrafacial last?

Results can vary, but many clients experience a visible improvement in their skin immediately after the treatment. With regular sessions, results can be longer-lasting.

Can I wear makeup after a HydraFacial?

It's best to avoid wearing makeup immediately after the treatment to allow your skin to breathe and fully benefit from the serums applied during the HydraFacial.

How often should I get a HydraFacial?

The frequency of HydraFacial treatments can vary depending on your skin concerns and goals. Your esthetician will provide personalized recommendations, but many clients opt for monthly treatments to maintain their results.

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